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About David Young

David Young has spent his entire career at the leading edge of emerging technologies. Throughout all of his work — from projects at the at dawn of the web or using early supercomputers, to contemporary global innovation and artistic initiatives — David has been a champion for new forms of creativity and expression enabled by technology. His current work, using artificial intelligence and quantum computing, explores how beauty and aesthetic experiences can give us new intuitions for emerging technologies. The works are also a meditation on "the new" and its inevitable obsolescence.

David has a master's degree in visual studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Lab, and a bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of California, Santa Cruz. He has taught at Art Center College of Design (Pasadena, CA) and Parsons School of Design (New York). His work has been exhibited at, amongst others, Kunstmuseum Bonn, Kate Vass Galerie (Zürich), Schierke Seinecke Gallery (Frankfurt), Geste (Paris), CADAF (New York, Paris, Miami), Terrain (Delhi), Institut (London), Anteism (Montreal), NeurlPS (Montreal), Asia Culture Center (Gwangju), and Nanjing University. His works are in collections including Kunstmuseum Bonn and GENAP Collection (Erlenbach/Zürich) (both with darktaxa). His work has been featured in numerous publications and on the covers of Espace Art Actuel and IEEE Computer Graphics magazines.

David lives and works in New York.

His studio website is:

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